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We have Eyewear for Everyone … we mean it!

We only use the highest quality lenses; manufactured in the most advanced laboratories using the most up to date lens technology. To complement our quality lenses, we stock a great range of established and fashion frame & sunglasses brands. So when you come to us you can be guaranteed that you are not only getting a product that looks great but also one which delivers superior quality.


From the stylishly conservative to the beautifully elegant and fantastically bold, at Forestway Optometry we aim to please by stocking some of the most best known international brands.

Our wide brand selection ranges from the established to the exciting and includes:

  • Carter Bond
  • etnia Barcelona
  • Flexon
  • Gucci eyewear
  • Jono Hennessy
  • Marc Vincent
  • Nike
  • Oroton
  • ProDesign
  • Porsche
  • Spinach
  • Ted Baker
  • Ugly Fish


Living in Australia, most of us are aware of the dangers of UV exposure to our skin, but are you aware that your eyes are susceptible to UV damage anytime of the day, anytime of the year?

Quality sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, they are designed to protect!

At Forestway Optometry we understand how vulnerable the eyes can be to UV damage and are passionate about offering our customers the best protection available on the market today. That is why we stock the most trusted and effective sunglasses ranges for both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.

Polarised, tinted, mirrored…we offer them all including a wide selection from the eponymous Maui Jim and Zeal ranges.


Lenses are Clear .. Lens Quality is not …

In collaboration with the most trusted and reputable suppliers we pride ourselves on delivering the very latest in lens design, combined with a wide choice of enhancements, to our customers.

We offer lenses that are not only more aesthetically appealing but which also overcome the vision challenges of an ever changing world.

The exciting developments across lens design & coatings means that customers can now enjoy clear and fluid vision, no matter how strong their prescription or demanding their lifestyle!

Multifocal lenses with XTEND technology

Introducing the Varilux X Design from Essilor; a revolutionary multifocal lens design which allows for multiple focal lengths through one direction of gaze in the ‘arms length’ zone, without compromising distance. This delivers a more comfortable intermediate vision, a wider field of vision and reduces the need for head movement.

Transition Lenses

There is a host of choices within the Transition Lens sector including lenses with style adapt colours and XTRActive which react to white light as well as UV and polarized transitions.

To learn more about these and our other lens options, come in and speak to our Lens Experts today and see what you’ve been missing.

High Index Lenses

Thin, lighter lenses with UV protection, even in strong prescriptions.



Protect your eyes against the negative effects of blue light, harsh UV rays, glare and reflection with a choice of high quality lens coatings. Our range of coatings includes the Crizal Sapphire UV coating which is the best anti-reflective coating available with SPF 35 and a selection designed to protect your eyes against the detrimental effects of blue light*.


Lenses for a Digital World

The digital age has changed the way we work, learn, shop, socialise and relax with Australians now spending, on average, 8 to 10 hours a day on digital devices. Inevitably this takes its toll, leading to many of us suffering from what is commonly referred to as Digital Eye Strain and Fatigue.

To learn more about the issues associated with Digital eye strain and the solutions available, please click here.


HOYA Safety Eyewear

The Hoya prescription safety eyewear (medium impact) range is Certified by SAI Global, meaning all HOYA safety eyewear products meet the highest available quality and assurance available and all HOYA products carry the ‘Tick’ of approval.

HOYA uses PHOENIX lens material for all Medium Impact safety eyewear.  PHOENIX is HOYA’s unique proprietary lens material and it is completely resistant to common chemicals, making it the perfect material for safety in the workplace, when compared to other lens materials.  PHOENIX is also extremely lightweight making it more comfortable to wear than other Medium Impact lens materials.  On top of this PHOENIX is also clearer to look through meaning you get crisper, clearer vision in all light conditions without compromising quality of vision.

Who are these lenses suitable for?

Suitable for occupations where there is a high risk of debris that can damage the eyes, or where blunt objects are utilised.  This can include mining, construction, grinding, farming and agriculture, wood working, machinery usage, hammering or brick laying.

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