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With contact lens technology continuously evolving, almost every glasses wearer is suitable for contact lenses. In prescribing contact lenses we adhere strictly to the Optometry Board of Australia’s guidelines on contact lenses.

Therefore we do not issue a prescription for contact lenses until we are satisfied that:

  • the prescription is correct
  • the patient can wear contact lenses, and
  • the prescribed lenses will provide the patient with proper vision, comfort and freedom from injury, provided the prescription is filled correctly and the patient follows the recommended lens care and wearing instructions.”

Optometry Board of Australia – Guidelines on the prescription of optical appliances – June 2016

Do I need Contact Lenses?

To be assessed and fitted for contact lenses, you will need to book a Contact Lens Consultation with one of our optometrists.

The process will include:

  •  An eye health assessment
  • Contact lens Fit & Teach (where you will learn the process of how to apply, remove and care for your contact lenses)
  • A two week trial and return check (where the functionality of the lenses and your eye health will be assessed)

Contact Lenses – what are your options?

Please Note: Not all Contact Lens Consultations are covered by Medicare.

Broadly speaking, only prescriptions which are considered ‘high’ ( over+/- 5.00 dioptres) are entitled to the benefit of a rebate.

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